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Protect your images on Instagram: The how to

So by now you’ve heard Instagram has changed their policy on photos so they can use them for advertising. You won’t see any of the money they make on your photos, and they can use any picture uploaded to the site. This may not seem like a big thing for some, but keep this in mind, pictures of your children, your house,  your car, any moment you have uploaded on instragram, is there for the taking.

If you’re a photographer and post your professional shots on the site, you’re giving away your work for free.  You’ll never see a dime, you’ll never get the credit, you’ll never see any of the benefits. You have until January to either delete your account, or accept the no way to opt out terms of service changes. However, you do have another option.

A while ago, I made a post on how to add a watermark to your photos via Photoforge 2 (another iOS app), but here’s another quick tutorial on how to get your photos ready for Instagram (the square style crop) before you edit in Photoforge. This can be done easily and quickly via the iOS built-in photo editing tools.  If you have a watermark, Instagram has 2 options.
1. Not use your photo because your logo is over it.
2. Use it, and you’ll be able to get the credit, at the very least.
I’m guessing they’ll go with #1.

 1. When you select the photo, click on the Edit button.


2. Touch the crop icon & you’ll get the cropping overlay. Touch the Constrain button. 


 3. Touch the Square button


4. You can now enlarge, pan shrink your image inside the constraints 


5. Hit save, and your image is now ready to add the watermark. (Tutorial here)

Keep in mind, you’ll have to delete all your photos and re-upload them. If this seems to much of an issue for you, please read the last sentence of the first paragraph again. Done? Good. Now do this and keep your work, your work.


Stamp your pictures via iOS only

I was on Instagram, when a friend had a picture taken and used on a tumblr blog. He wanted credit or a link back to the original site (Instagram), but couldn’t get a hold of the tumblr blogger.

This lead me on a trip to the app store to see what kind of watermarking apps were available. While I found some options, they all just did watermarking.  I didn’t want to take a photo, edit it on another app, and bring it into another app again, to just add a watermark. That’s when I found PhotoForge2. It’s a great one-stop app that lets you take a photo, has powerful editing software, and lets you upload to different sites.

If you’re like me, you’ll have a logo, or an icon that you’ll want to use instead of just text, and PhotoForge2 works great for just that occasion.  Below I created a tutorial on how to use the app as a watermarking tool, but please explore the rest of the apps great features.

PhotoForge2 for iOS Download

1. When you open up PhotoForge2 you’re welcomed to a blank page.  Hit the + button to bring up your photo album.

2. Once you pick your photo, it will live on the once blank start screen.

3. Once you touch the photo, you’ll enter the work space. Touch the layer icon on the bottom to add the watermark.

4. Touch the “New Layer” button and tap the image with the photo to pull up your icon/logo.

5. Touch the layer button to turn on transparencies. This will help you place the icon over the image.

6. Pinch to zoom and move into place.

7.  Hit the Check button and you’ll go back to the edit/layer screen. Tap on the logo/icon layer to bring up the transparency screen and tap that.

8. Use the slider on the bottom to lower the transparency.

9. Finally, hit the CHECK again and touch Flatten.

10. Once you’re finished, PhotoForge2 gives you a myriad of options to save your image. Just hit the cloud button on the far right, and save.

And the final result…

Your iPhone is a one stop, job finding machine

 In today’s world it’s hard to find a job. You increasingly have to travel, companies are letting people go, not hiring, and looking at online posts, newspapers and going business-to-business is confusing and a pain. However, today we have a tool that can do all this in the palm of your hand.  

The iPhone wasn’t designed to help find jobs. As Steve Jobs said when he first showed off the iPhone, people wanted a phone, touch screen iPod and internet tablet. He combined all three to make the iPhone. With updates and the app store, it’s become much, much more than that. Set aside the texting, the facebooking and the Angry Birding (You kids still do that?) and let’s find a job.

STEP 1: Let’s build a resume with Pages

I think the best App to help build your resume is Apple’s own Pages app for iOS. You can build a resume, cover letter or anything else you’d need. The best thing about this app is you can export in multiple formats. While I think PDF is always the way to go, some sites would like a plain text or MS Word doc.


Pages for iOS | 9.99


STEP 2: Looking for jobs 

While you can download apps, the best thing to do is go on Safari and start looking and saving job sites to a bookmark folder for easy access. This way you can open jobs in new tabs, email and view multiple sites easily, rather then switching between apps. Most websites cater to mobile browsers when searching like However some places like Craigslist don’t have mobile view and makes reading a pain on small screens. Thanks to iOS5, you just hit the reader button and everything becomes formatted for mobile.

Reader really does help make any site easy to read on a smaller screen.

If you’re looking for some freelance work or anything really, apps like Foursquare, Yelp or even Maps is a great way to see what’s around you instead of wasting gas driving around.  Say if you’re a great photographer, you can find small businesses and sell your services, or find small photo studios to seek full time employment.


Foursquare | Free


Yelp | Free


STEP 3: Sending out your info


Now that you have a resume and a job you want to send it to, the mail app is your next stop. You could copy and paste your cover letter and attach your Resume. You could make a signature, link your blog or portfolio as well. Either way,  you just gave yourself a better chance at finding a job for under $10.00


If you have to mail your resume or print it out for any reason, you don’t really need a computer anymore for that either. I have a Wi-Fi enabled Epson printer and along with the Epson iPrint app, you can print directly from your iPhone.


Epson iPrint | Free


Other helpful apps:

Linkedin – Great way to build, share and socialize with other industries, clients and people in the field you’re looking for.

Twitter – A way to advertise yourself and your services. Finding local companies or people on twitter that you’d want to communicate with.

WordPress – If you’re a writer or blogger, it’s a great way to keep up with your posts on the go and build up a writing portfolio.

Flickr – Great for artists or photographers to upload and create a portfolio.

Contacts –  Great for saving potential clients or past employers to refer to.

Calendar – When you need to set up an appointment or remind yourself not to miss an interview, this’ll be a great asset and reminder when the time comes.

It’s true you can do all this with a computer, but as jobs are moving farther and farther away from us, and locations services become more and more popular, the iPhone is an essential resource for finding jobs. If you’re in a whole new town looking for work you instantly have every location, every business, and everything needed to get that job at thumbs reach.

Top 5 Inspiration iOS apps

Inspiration is a key stage for any designer. You can see it everywhere, from a book, a movie or even walking outside to your car. Before any design, I look for inspiration. I’ll see something and either take a picture, draw it, or jot it down. With the iphone and iOS, it’s even simpler now to do it.

Today, I want to show you my top five apps to help me find, remember and share these inspirations. The apps aren’t really made just for this specific subject, instead I find them extremely useful for what I want to do and not necessarily made for that idea.

 5. FAB 

Fab is a great little app that shows deals on shirts, appliances; pretty much whatever you’re looking for. While the app is designed nicely, it’s also a great way to look for ideas and inspiration. If you’re a product designer or even a print/web designer, this is a great app to see what’s trending and different styles on multiple forms of media.

4. Voice Memo 

I don’t carry around a notebook all the time ( I should ) and the keyboard on an iPhone isn’t the most ideal way to jot something down. The voice memo app fixes all that. There have been times when I’m out walking around and an idea randomly pops in my head. Since everything I remember lasts about 5 min, this app is priceless to me.

3. Flipboard

A stylish, easy-to-use, RSS reader. It’s also a great place to look at designs, photos or anything, in large vibrant images.  It’s extremely customizable and has a beautiful easy-to-use interface. In can also link up to all your other sites like flickr or twitter.

2. Twitter 

We all use twitter for different reasons. I’ve set up all my accounts, flickr, tumblr ios photos to go to twitter. That way, when I post something it gets shared with the world ( Or whoever is following me at the time) can see it. You can follow designers, blogs, stores. This is one of the best ways to share or find inspiration.

1. Camera App

The iPhone camera is my favorite app. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a store, antique shop or just walking around and saw something I want to remember. Take a snapshot, email it, share it or just save it for later. It’s always important to take a camera with you, and iOS gives you a great way to capture an image and do so much more with it at that moment instead of snapping a shot and forgetting about it.

Don’t just bind yourself to apps with a title inspiration or a tag. Think about what you do to capture or remember these moments and use the tools you already have in your hand. They maybe better then you think.

If you have any other apps you use that aren’t the norm, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.