Protect your images on Instagram: The how to

So by now you’ve heard Instagram has changed their policy on photos so they can use them for advertising. You won’t see any of the money they make on your photos, and they can use any picture uploaded to the site. This may not seem like a big thing for some, but keep this in mind, pictures of your children, your house,  your car, any moment you have uploaded on instragram, is there for the taking.

If you’re a photographer and post your professional shots on the site, you’re giving away your work for free.  You’ll never see a dime, you’ll never get the credit, you’ll never see any of the benefits. You have until January to either delete your account, or accept the no way to opt out terms of service changes. However, you do have another option.

A while ago, I made a post on how to add a watermark to your photos via Photoforge 2 (another iOS app), but here’s another quick tutorial on how to get your photos ready for Instagram (the square style crop) before you edit in Photoforge. This can be done easily and quickly via the iOS built-in photo editing tools.  If you have a watermark, Instagram has 2 options.
1. Not use your photo because your logo is over it.
2. Use it, and you’ll be able to get the credit, at the very least.
I’m guessing they’ll go with #1.

 1. When you select the photo, click on the Edit button.


2. Touch the crop icon & you’ll get the cropping overlay. Touch the Constrain button. 


 3. Touch the Square button


4. You can now enlarge, pan shrink your image inside the constraints 


5. Hit save, and your image is now ready to add the watermark. (Tutorial here)

Keep in mind, you’ll have to delete all your photos and re-upload them. If this seems to much of an issue for you, please read the last sentence of the first paragraph again. Done? Good. Now do this and keep your work, your work.


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