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Stamp your pictures via iOS only

I was on Instagram, when a friend had a picture taken and used on a tumblr blog. He wanted credit or a link back to the original site (Instagram), but couldn’t get a hold of the tumblr blogger.

This lead me on a trip to the app store to see what kind of watermarking apps were available. While I found some options, they all just did watermarking.  I didn’t want to take a photo, edit it on another app, and bring it into another app again, to just add a watermark. That’s when I found PhotoForge2. It’s a great one-stop app that lets you take a photo, has powerful editing software, and lets you upload to different sites.

If you’re like me, you’ll have a logo, or an icon that you’ll want to use instead of just text, and PhotoForge2 works great for just that occasion.  Below I created a tutorial on how to use the app as a watermarking tool, but please explore the rest of the apps great features.

PhotoForge2 for iOS Download

1. When you open up PhotoForge2 you’re welcomed to a blank page.  Hit the + button to bring up your photo album.

2. Once you pick your photo, it will live on the once blank start screen.

3. Once you touch the photo, you’ll enter the work space. Touch the layer icon on the bottom to add the watermark.

4. Touch the “New Layer” button and tap the image with the photo to pull up your icon/logo.

5. Touch the layer button to turn on transparencies. This will help you place the icon over the image.

6. Pinch to zoom and move into place.

7.  Hit the Check button and you’ll go back to the edit/layer screen. Tap on the logo/icon layer to bring up the transparency screen and tap that.

8. Use the slider on the bottom to lower the transparency.

9. Finally, hit the CHECK again and touch Flatten.

10. Once you’re finished, PhotoForge2 gives you a myriad of options to save your image. Just hit the cloud button on the far right, and save.

And the final result…