Your iPhone is a one stop, job finding machine

 In today’s world it’s hard to find a job. You increasingly have to travel, companies are letting people go, not hiring, and looking at online posts, newspapers and going business-to-business is confusing and a pain. However, today we have a tool that can do all this in the palm of your hand.  

The iPhone wasn’t designed to help find jobs. As Steve Jobs said when he first showed off the iPhone, people wanted a phone, touch screen iPod and internet tablet. He combined all three to make the iPhone. With updates and the app store, it’s become much, much more than that. Set aside the texting, the facebooking and the Angry Birding (You kids still do that?) and let’s find a job.

STEP 1: Let’s build a resume with Pages

I think the best App to help build your resume is Apple’s own Pages app for iOS. You can build a resume, cover letter or anything else you’d need. The best thing about this app is you can export in multiple formats. While I think PDF is always the way to go, some sites would like a plain text or MS Word doc.


Pages for iOS | 9.99


STEP 2: Looking for jobs 

While you can download apps, the best thing to do is go on Safari and start looking and saving job sites to a bookmark folder for easy access. This way you can open jobs in new tabs, email and view multiple sites easily, rather then switching between apps. Most websites cater to mobile browsers when searching like However some places like Craigslist don’t have mobile view and makes reading a pain on small screens. Thanks to iOS5, you just hit the reader button and everything becomes formatted for mobile.

Reader really does help make any site easy to read on a smaller screen.

If you’re looking for some freelance work or anything really, apps like Foursquare, Yelp or even Maps is a great way to see what’s around you instead of wasting gas driving around.  Say if you’re a great photographer, you can find small businesses and sell your services, or find small photo studios to seek full time employment.


Foursquare | Free


Yelp | Free


STEP 3: Sending out your info


Now that you have a resume and a job you want to send it to, the mail app is your next stop. You could copy and paste your cover letter and attach your Resume. You could make a signature, link your blog or portfolio as well. Either way,  you just gave yourself a better chance at finding a job for under $10.00


If you have to mail your resume or print it out for any reason, you don’t really need a computer anymore for that either. I have a Wi-Fi enabled Epson printer and along with the Epson iPrint app, you can print directly from your iPhone.


Epson iPrint | Free


Other helpful apps:

Linkedin – Great way to build, share and socialize with other industries, clients and people in the field you’re looking for.

Twitter – A way to advertise yourself and your services. Finding local companies or people on twitter that you’d want to communicate with.

WordPress – If you’re a writer or blogger, it’s a great way to keep up with your posts on the go and build up a writing portfolio.

Flickr – Great for artists or photographers to upload and create a portfolio.

Contacts –  Great for saving potential clients or past employers to refer to.

Calendar – When you need to set up an appointment or remind yourself not to miss an interview, this’ll be a great asset and reminder when the time comes.

It’s true you can do all this with a computer, but as jobs are moving farther and farther away from us, and locations services become more and more popular, the iPhone is an essential resource for finding jobs. If you’re in a whole new town looking for work you instantly have every location, every business, and everything needed to get that job at thumbs reach.


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