Top 5 “Hidden” Inspiration Websites

Recently I did a post on the Top 5 Inspiration apps for iOS. Today I wanted to do a post on my top five Inspiration-finding websites.

There are a lot of websites just dedicated to find Inspiration with multiple pages of designs, artists and blogs. They’re all great resources. You don’t have to limit yourself with just these sites, however. There are countless blogs that, while not inspiration sites, do exactly that.

 5. Appshopper

What’s the biggest thing still? iOS apps. I don’t know about you, but I just fall for any app that has a great-looking design, even if it doesn’t actually do anything useful (Awesome looking flip clock apps). However, it’s a great site to look at new apps from various categories, and check out their designs, function, and style.

 4. io9

While a blog about futurism, it’s also a great source for finding new and cutting-edge designs. They post a lot of concept art, and feature new and prominent artists. It’s actually a great site to see where design may be going in the near future.

 3. Retro To Go

It’s a great site to look at products from the past and retro remix products of today. I find the most inspiration in the patterns or style of a product.  A wallpaper I created a while ago of the iMac family was from a pattern of a dress being sold, that Retro To Go blogged about.

 2. Mashable

While dealing mostly with the Social network side of news, they also feature stories about different designs and artists. I especially love their “Top 10 posts”  ranging from icons to app design. They also heavily feature infographics (such as my own), and can be a great resource for inspiration.

 1. Wikipedia


Now this may be an odd one, but I can’t tell you the number of times I just did random searches on Wikipedia and came up with an idea to feature said search. My Periodic Table of Controllers, was a random search on Nintendo and the D-pad. 300,000 clicks later, it’s one of my most popular designs on flickr.

As I said before, Inspiration comes from everywhere. Just because a site has “inspiration” in it’s title or tag, doesn’t mean it’s the only site to check out. When working on a new design, keep in mind the sites you read and how they can maybe help guide you to think differently.


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