Every story has a beginning

I’ve always loved drawing. When I was a kid, I would draw anything and everything. I loved Ninja turtles, watched Voltron and always drew. It wasn’t until Elementary school did I find out, I was actually alright at it.

It happened when the art teacher told us to draw our own shoes. I had LA Gear pumps from an old department store called Jamesway and I drew them perfectly. I shaded them, colored them and even put the wear and tear on it. Everyone thought it looked awesome.

I never joined a sport, a club or activity really in school. Instead I went home and watched cartoons, played outside and constantly drew. My mom would always get me crayons and those huge roseart art sets and I would kill them within a week. I made famous movie characters out of play doh, I started to draw all the cartoon characters I loved watching, and creating works of art with Legos.

I see now, I was copying things that I liked. It wasn’t until the Legos that I started to design characters, vehicles and objects on my own. The first signs of me designing were a Lego truck I built that needed to look cool, but also function as an ATV.



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As a Designer for over 10 years, I understand the realities of deadlines and quick turnarounds. My body of work speaks for itself as an innovative and continually evolving force within the design sector.

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